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St Martin / St Maarten & Anguilla Yacht Charter, Caribbean

Saint Martin / St Maarten is an island with a rich and diverse history, and is a popular venue for a luxurious yacht charter with Nicholson Charters. Part of the Leeward Islands, it stands as the smallest island to ever be occupied by two sovereign nations, both France and the Netherlands. Within its 37 square miles is a melting pot of unique blends of traditions from both countries, from the food to the wide variety of shopping options.

Via St. Maarten yacht charter, guests can see not only the breathtaking scenery and pristine beaches of St. Maarten, but can also enjoy the lovely tranquility of Anguilla and the rustic charm of St. Barths. Each of these islands is awash in flawless white sand, with plenty of beaches to choose from.

There are more than 300 restaurants available at St. Martin, giving guests plenty of opportunities to enjoy diverse cuisine during their daytime explorations throughout their St. Maarten yacht charter. Visitors can also enjoy activities both on and off the yacht, from snorkeling and paddle boarding, to zip lining and horseback riding. Visitors can stay and explore St. Martin and its surrounding destinations for several days, or continue the adventure by booking another charter to other exciting destinations in the Caribbean, like the British Virgin Islands.

What type of yacht would you prefer?

Motor Yacht

Motor Yacht

Book St Martin yacht charters and you don’t need boating experience to sail aboard a luxury motor yacht on this side of the Caribbean. With a profession and friendly crew, sailing the seas of St Martin will be most enjoyable. Make the most of shore excursions and other activities.



Sailing yachts available for charter worldwide is one of the St Maarten boat rentals we offer. Why limit yourself to one destination when you can sail to many more? Book a St Maarten charter with friends and family, or for a corporate event. Drop anchor in various ports worldwide.



Spacious and smooth sailing is what our sailing catamarans guarantee when you book a St Maarten charter. Explore this side of the world with friends, family, and everyone else and still have enough room to move around and party. Make the most of your sailing adventure in St Marten.



Cruising aboard a power catamaran promises a smooth and luxurious ride around St Marten and beyond. Book a catamaran with our St Maarten boat charter and invite friends and family to share the experience with you. This is also a great idea for a unique destination corporate event.

Explore St. Maarten on a Yacht Charter

Following a day of activities at Dutch St. Maarten, the charter travels to Anguilla, which is only 6 nautical miles away and takes less than an hour to reach. Pick from any of the 33 beaches that ring the island in soft white sand. The residents welcome visitors coming via a St. Maarten yacht charter, with regular parties and boat racing events that are part of their local culture. The Prickly Pear Cays are nearby and can be accessed via tender, and guests can enjoy viewing the local wildlife with plenty of exotic birds and vegetation to learn about.

After Anguilla, it is time to steer the yacht charter through French Saint Martin for a day of shopping at the local boutiques, then eventually to visit Ile Fourchue, followed by St. Barts. With its French roots, there are plenty of exceptional dining options, and many visitors enjoy the view of the charming villas and elegant buildings that dot the landscape. This gem of an island is quiet and tucked away, a safe place for celebrities to visit in peace. There is plenty to do in the way of excursions, from wind surfing to deep sea fishing, or just enjoy the quiet beaches, devoid of the overcrowding present in many areas of the Caribbean. Several visitors also enjoy the shopping, as luxury goods of all sorts are available from custom boutique shops around the island.

The Best of  Yacht Charter around St. Martin

Whether looking for days of relaxation, lots of activity, or a little of both, the tour through St. Martin yacht charter of Nicholson Charters has something for everyone. Families, couples, and adventurous travelers all enjoy the variety of sights, sounds, and activities available in this trio of islands, making it one of the most sought-after tours in the area. A yacht charter through the Caribbean is one of the best ways to experience as many of the islands as possible.

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Anguilla – Pure Caribbean

Hiding above St Martin / St Maarten resides the warm and welcoming island of Anguilla.

The peaceful and friendly people of the island, has a soulful joie de vivre as well a proud respect for their rich history and give the island a uniquely warm charm.

The main island is a mainly flat island, approximately 16 miles long, from east to west and 3 miles at its widest point and form together with a number of smaller islands and cays, the British overseas territory of Anguilla.

St. Martin Regional highlights

Leeward Islands Yacht Charters

With warm year-round weather and plenty of islands to discover (including St. Martin), the Leeward Islands guarantee a sailing adventure that starts east of Puerto Rico, ends at southeast to Guadeloupe, and non-stop parties in between. Whether you’re planning a tranquil escape with the entire family or an upscale celebration with friends and colleagues, the Leeward Islands is the perfect destination. Drop by at St. Martin for a swim or shopping.

Sailing in the Virgin Islands

Sailing the Virgin Islands is one experience you should not miss. With the islands in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) and the U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI) combined, there’s more to see, do, and enjoy. Explore hidden anchorages at Hallovers Bay, see tropical life at the Caves, shop at St. Thomas, eat at a floating pizza kitchen on Great St James, and many more. The Virgin Islands are arguably one of Caribbean’s best sailing destinations.

Book a Saint Martin / Maarten & Anguilla  yacht charter

Use this form to create your ultimate itinerary for a St Maarten yacht charter vacation. Imagine exploring a huge array of beaches and neighboring islands you can visit when sailing St Marten aboard a motor yacht. Enjoy the speed and power that will take you cruising between islands. Cruise comfortably on a sailing catamaran and experience this Caribbean gem with comfort and plenty of space to relax and lounge about as your crew caters to your needs.

Whatever you envision, allow us to make it a reality. Nicholson Charters agents will provide a custom quote for the ultimate luxury yacht vacation that will blow your mind.

Escape on a Relaxing Once in a Lifetime Cruise

Ensure that you take advantage and visit the island of St Barth’s when you embark on a yacht charter cruise from Saint Martin/ Saint Maarten.

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