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Leeward Islands Yacht Charters

The Leeward Islands are a fabulous and diverse destination for a yacht charter adventure.

Located in the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean Sea, the Leeward Islands include the Virgin  IslandsAnguillaGuadeloupeMontserratAntigua, BarbudaSt. KittsNevisSt Maarten/St Martin, and St Barths. These islands, most of which have been shaped by active volcanos took their name from traditional sailing vernacular; they are in the “lee” or prevailing tradewinds.

This is primarily a winter destination and the optimal time to enjoy a yacht charter trip in the Leeward Islands is between the months of November and July. It has the perfect climate with temperatures in the upper 20’s C to low 30’s C and cool constant winds. With the prevailing wind and calm waters the area offers some of the best blue water cruising in the world and with so many islands and archipelagoes to choose from it would take years to fully explore the Leeward Islands.

English is the dominant language in the Leeward Islands. While the East Caribbean dollar is the primary currency, the American dollar is widely accepted.

Each of the Leeward Islands has unique features which make them appealing places to visit. Anguilla, which sits atop a coral reef, features white sand beaches and has a large Marine National Park.

Saint-Barthelemy (popularly known as St. Barts) is a chic hot-spot with touches of French elegance, fantastic restaurants and night life. Saint-Martin is governed by both France and the Netherlands and boasts a mix of secluded beaches

 in the north and a vibrant night life in its major towns along with duty free shopping.

The combination of these three islands and the numerous small deserted islands in-between make it a popular and diverse cruising area for a perfect weeks charter.

The Leeward Islands are home to sparkling clear waters and offer some of the most compelling 

snorkeling and diving opportunities in the world. You can explore spectacular coral reefs and get close to exotic marine life and dolphins. Explore this unique area, book a Leeward Island charter and take your time leisurely sailing along numerous routes, which weave through the islands.

One can’t-miss experience on your Leeward Island Yacht Charter is sampling the rich and varied local cuisine. Dishes in the local cuisine draw from a mix of backgrounds, including French, Dutch, African and British influences. In addition many popular dishes use local seafood, including lobster, mahi mahi, tuna, red snapper and many other kinds of fish culinary delights from the sea.

The only way to get to know the unique qualities of each of the islands is to pay a visit to each one. A Leewards Island charter is a great way to accomplish this goal.

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Cruise the Leeward Islands on a privately chartered yacht

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Explore the Leeward Islands by sea

Motor Yachts

Motor Yacht

Cruise the Leeward Islands on a motor yacht. The luxury motor yachts we offer have professional crew with ample of knowledge or the cruising grounds as well as the islands themselves. Leeward Islands from Virgin Islands to Guadeloupe are excellent cruising grounds for your motor yacht holiday.



Relaxed sailing holiday, world class racing, exotic anchorages; regardless of your preference there is sailing yacht for your preference. The Leeward Islands are often base for a wide range of sailing yachts from the most mega super sailing yacht to a smaller family or honeymoon cruiser.



Sailing the Leeward Islands on a sailing catamaran combines your sailing adventure with excellent anchorages closer to the beaches not accessible by many other sailing yachts. All whilst enjoying spacious accommodations.



With a powered catamaran you will not only benefit from ample space and smooth cruising but also ensure your Leeward Island yachting holiday has style and pizazz. 

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