Cayman Islands

Located south of Cuba and northwest of Jamaica resides the Cayman Islands. The island group consists of Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, Little Cayman and some islets. The islands population is approximately 60,000, and its capital is George Town

The islands have long been used as a luxury tourism destination well-known for its beauty, palm-fringed white-sand beaches, crystal clear waters and many times used as an offshore banking heaven. 

The islands main attractions are without a doubt the coastlines. Pristine beaches, exquisite diving and dramatic cliffs makes the islands superb holiday destination.

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Grand Cayman

Largest of the island is Grand Cayman. he you find the famous Seven Mile Beach, some excellent diving, hiking, duty-free shopping, spas and buzzing nightlife.

Cayman Islands National Museum is wel worth a visit. It features not only the oldest public building in the Cayman Islands and other houses and national treasures it also features a changing exhibitions that rotates periodically such as the ISDHF Exhibition – in a unique partnership with the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism and the International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame it exhibits some of the world’s most treasured scuba diving artefacts.

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Cayman Brac

Well worth a step ashore is Long Beach on the island Cayman Brac nighty miles north-east of Grand Cayman.

The island’s land mark is ‘The Bluff’,  a limestone outcrop providing breath-taking uninterrupted cliff-top views of the ocean. Frigate birds nest here as well as the rare Brown Booby amongst the indigenous vegetation. You can also see the Silver Thatched Palm – Cayman Islands’ national tree.

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Little Island

On the north-eastern tip of Little Cayman you find Point of Sand, a beautiful beach with shallow and clear waters, ideal for relaxing and exploring the beauty of colourful reef fish, queen conch, rays and much more in the spectacular marine.

Off the coastline of Little Island lies the Bloody Bay Wall, a submerged mountain range that has a wall that drops down 2000 metres to the seafloor. This is a heaven for any diver. Habitants ranging from fascinating arrow crabs to giant barrel sponges, groupers, barracudas, rays, triggerfishes and ample of more species in-between.

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Owen Island - The Fourth Island

South-western coast of Little Cayman, resides  Owen Island locally as the ‘fourth island’. It is a small islet quiet getaway spot for secluded tranquility.

The islet can only be reached by the boat and is completely uninhabited.

Cayman Luxe – Owen Island

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