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Explore The Greater Antillies is a group of larger islands in the Caribbean Sea including  Cuba, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Cayman Islands and  Hispaniola which is the island of Haiti and the Dominican Republic.


Visit Cuba – a magical Caribbean fusion.

Dominican republic

Discover The Dominican Republic just like Columbus.

Cayman Islands

Explore land and sea at Cayman Islands.

A little less travelled during a luxury yacht charter are Jamaica, Haiti, Puerto Rico, although still beautiful locations and may well be yachting hotspots over the coming years.


Jamaica is the fourth-largest island country in the Caribbean and located south of Cuba and centrally in-beween Cayman Islands and Haiti.

Jamaica is not only a relaxed raggae filled island filled with vibrating colour, culture and excellent golf courses but also a gem for it’s nature.

Blue and John Crow Mountains is listed on UNESCO’s Heritage list: “The cultural and natural heritage of the Blue and John Crow Mountains comprises 26,252 ha of tropical, montane rainforest within the larger Blue Mountain and John Crow Mountain ranges, located in the eastern part of Jamaica in the Caribbean. These two ranges cover approximately 20% of the island’s total landmass and are recognised for their biodiversity significance within the Caribbean Region.”

For more information of Jamaica go:
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Blue and John Crow Mountains


Haiti is the western third of the island of Hispaniola, shared with Dominican Republic.

Haiti’s National History Park makes it’s mark on the UNESCOs World Heritage list :“Haitian monuments date from the beginning of the 19th century, when Haiti proclaimed its independence. The Palace of Sans Souci, the buildings at Ramiers and, in particular, the Citadel serve as universal symbols of liberty, being the first monuments to be constructed by black slaves who had gained their freedom.”

For more information of Haiti go:
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UNESCO – National History Park – Citadel, Sans Souci, Ramiers

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico, officially the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is a self-governing commonwealth in association with the United States located in the northeast Caribbean Sea.

The island is a Caribbean – Spanish – American mixture filled with colour full vibrance.

UNESCO World Heritage listed La Fortaleza and San Juan National Historic Site in Puerto Rico is “.., a series of defensive structures was built at this strategic point in the Caribbean Sea to protect the city and the Bay of San Juan. They represent a fine display of European military architecture adapted to harbour sites on the American continent.”

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La Fortaleza and San Juan National Historic Site in Puerto Rico

Charter in the Greater Antilles

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Motor Yachts

Motor Yacht

Smooth cruising onboard a luxury motor yacht, exploring the Greater Antilles.  Today there are more options that ever for your Caribbean adventure.



Explore Cuba and Jamaica on a luxury sailing yacht. We have a many yachts in various sizes and styles to offer, all with professional crew to let your mind be at ease.



Explore the crystal clear waters whilst enjoying some exciting sailing around Dominican Republic aboard a spacious sailing catamaran.



A motor catamaran for your next adventure in the Greater Antilles? Enjoy the space, the sailing and the friendly and professional crew for your yacht charter holiday.

Venture further south to the Leeward Islands.

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