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West Mediterranean

A classic destination for your crewed yacht charter is the West Med.

French and Italian Coastlines

“The French Riviera” just makes us all daydream of glamorous days gone by and driving along a sunny coast road in a sports car with the roof down. Why not explore this delightful area from the comfort of a sumptuous yacht charter instead?

And, as for The Italian Riviera… beautiful language, people, food and architecture; what more could you ask for from a yacht charter vacation? Viva la vacanze!

French & Italian Riviera

PortofinoThis large cruising area containing thousands of miles of shoreline has long been the most charted area in the world. Now possibly challenged by other exquisite Mediterranean charter destinations the French and Italian Riviera still holds a strong position. Who would not want a cruise from St Tropez to Portofino visiting ports like Cannes, Monaco and San Remo with their culinary delights, exuberant shopping and vibrant nightlife.

Corsica & Sardinia

bonifacioCorsica’s exceptional climate and natural parks that covers two thirds of its surface area, makes the island a favourite for any nature lovers. With it’s dramatic coastline, superb waters, rich in culture and local flair Corsica is a gem not to be forgotten on the Mediterranean itinerary.

For more information visit our Corsica & Sardinia page.

Portofino to Ponza

beautiful cliffs of Ponza

Cruise the famous and picturesque harbours of Portofino and the Ligurian Sea. Follow the rugged coastline and visit the five villages of the Cinque Terre, part of UNESCO World Heritage Site and the Cinque Terre National Park. Stop at the beautiful island of Elba, part of the Arcipelago Toscano National Park, (Where French emperor Napoleon I was exiled in 300 days after his forced abdication in 1814) before making a stop at the beautiful port of Portovenere.

The port of Santo Stefano and the Island of Giglio are other splendid destinations not to miss Civitiaveccia, the coastal ports of Rome, Anzio and the luscious gem of the Island of Ponza.

For information visit: 

Italia – Cinque Terre

Aeolian Islands
& Sicily

Stromboli & The Aeolians

See the lava pouring down the sides of the active vulcano of Stromboli whilst circum-navigating the island makes a dramatic and exiting backdrop during a sumptuous alfresco dinner onboard.

If you are into walking may be tempt you with a hike up Lipari’s Monte Pilato, a stroll along Lipari’s north shore or a visit to the Lipari’s archaeological museum, a must-see for lovers of Mediterranean history with one of Europe’s finest collections of ancient finds.

As an important agriculture producer, Sicily is rich in culinary treats. Citrus fruits, tomatoes, olive products, artichokes, almonds, grapes, pistachios all are largely cultivated on the island not to forget the wine, cheese, honey and chocolate. Palermo or Taromina are ports often used to start or finish a yacht charter cruise.

Bay of Naples, The Amalfi Coast & the Bay of Salerno

amalfi-coastVisit Ischia for exuberant spa and hot spring treatments, or Capri for fabulous shopping, celebrity spotting, sea-food and luscious ice-cream.

Hike the volcano Vesuvius and walk the ancient streets of Pompeii before enjoying a Limoncello in it’s claimed birthplace Sorrento or dinner in picturesque Positano. Just to mention a few of the activities The Bay of NaplesThe Amalfi Coast and The Bay of Salerno has to offer.

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Mediterranean Cruising Delights

Spanish Coastlines

The Spanish Coastline and The Balearics are some of Europe’s most popular vacation destinations and have an influx of millions of holiday-makers per year, so probably one of the best ways to see this part of the world is from a luxury yacht charter. This means you will be able to have a peaceful night’s sleep, despite the hustle and bustle of the towns within the area.


Ibiza & Formentera


Jet-set destination Ibiza and Formentera, are an excellent choice for anyone wanting famous nightlife combined with exquisite sunbathing in formidable waters.

Ibiza has a huge range of shopping facilities and cater for all levels of fashion shopping including world-known artisan fashion Adlib.

Art buffs are enticed to visit The MACE  (Ibiza’s Museum of Contemporary Art) whilst someone in need of relaxing has a vide range of spa facilities to choose from.

balearicsFor more information visit:

Balearics Island – Ibiza
Balearics Island – Formentera 

Mallorca & Menorca


Mallorca is the largest island in the Balearic island archipelago and a divers island with a multitude of actives and exiting coast line. Relax over a glass of wine and tapas in the old town of Mallorca after a successful shopping spree. Visit the cathedral, go hiking, climbing or just relax on your yacht in the marina or at a beautiful anchorage.

Whilst Mallorca has an exuberant nightlife Menorca is more quiet and splendid for anyone who wish to relax surrounded by nature. Influenced in prehistoric times by Minoan and Roman cultures, pirates and Moorish conquest the island’s history is sure to be an interesting read.

For further information visit:
Balearic Islands – Mallorca
Balearic Islands – Menorca

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Mediterranean Cruising Delights


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Motor Yachts

Motor Yacht

Step aboard a luxury motor yacht to explore the Western Mediterranean.  Today there are more options that ever for your West Med cruise. all with fabolous accommidation and professional crew.



Explore the West Med on a mega sailing yacht or a smaller option, we have ample of yachts in various sizes and styles to offer. Set sail off the coasts of Spain, France, Italy, Malta or Croatia and feel the wind in your hair.



Imagine sailing along whilst dwelling into the crystal clear Mediterranean waters aboard a spacious sailing catamaran. West Med sailing adventure at your helm.



Cruise the West Med on a motor catamaran for your next yachting holiday in the western Mediterranean? Enjoy the space, accommodation and the friendly and professional crew onboard a powered cat.

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