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Why not make The Virgin Islands your yacht charter destination this time around.

Both the BVI and USVI caters for all. Calm clear blue waters offer excellent conditions for sailing yachts and motor yachts and with the proximity of the islands, there is something for everyone. Perfect for all types of watersports, from the novice snorkeler to the experienced paddleboard enthusiast. Of course, all will enjoy the sun, shopping, nightlife, plus secluded beaches.

The Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands is one of the best yacht charter destinations all over the world, making the Virgin Island yacht charter a popular choice for people who love sailing to the beautiful spots in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) and the United States Virgin Islands (USVI).

Both the USVI and the BVI boast of a lot of places known to have great marine biodiversity for tourists to enjoy and tons of water activities to engage in. Aside from these, the culture and communities in these regions are something to appreciate, which is especially great if you want to explore more about the life of the people there.

BVI - British Virgin Islands

USVI - US Virgin Islands

Top destinations to visit in the BVI and USVI

Since the Virgin Islands is comprised of numerous islands and is divided into three territories, it could be confusing to choose where you want to visit on a yacht charter. Of course, you need to know where you want to go when you book your cruise.

To help you up, here are five of the top destinations you can consider for your Virgin Islands getaway.

  • Jost Van Dyke

    The Jost Van Dyke is the smallest of the main islands of the BVI but is surely a spot you should visit. It’s a perfect site if you want to enjoy relaxing activities in between getaways.

    Here, you can choose to explore forests on a jeep or on a bike. Of course, you can also enjoy water activities, like snorkeling and swimming.

  • Virgin Gorda

    The Virgin Gorda is probably the most popular destination for yachters in the Virgin Islands. It has a couple of the best treasures of the entire region, which are the Baths and the Devil’s Bay.

    Needless to say, these places are two of the must-see places during a Virgin Island yacht charter.

    The Baths boasts of colossal gray boulders that rise from the water, thus creating a fantastic yet natural structure of caves and grottoes. After passing through the breath-taking rocks, the famed beach of the Devil’s Bay is waiting for you.

  • Salt Island

    If you want the best adventure diving experience upon your visit to the Virgin Islands, the Salt Island is a place that you must go to. It cradles the RMS Rhone, which is the most popular shipwreck in the BVI.

    The RMS Rhone sank on 1867 and has become the top shipwreck diving sites in the Caribbean. The area surrounding the Salt Island is also converted into a National Park, where you can see fantastic marine life.

    Some marine animals, like turtles and octopus, would even probably greet you on your adventure.

  • St. Thomas, USVI

    Being one of the main islands of the USVI, the St. Thomas is a site you should include in your Virgin Island yacht charter cruise. Aside from fabulous beaches, fantastic nature life, and breathtaking sceneries, the island has various historical sites too.

    Such sites include the Charlotte Amalie, the oldest structure on the island which is the Fort Christian, the Emancipation Garden, the 99 Steps, and the Blackb eard Castle among others. These should give you a long list of things to enjoy upon your visit.

    The Charlotte Amalie is the capital city of the USVI and is also the main port area of St. Thomas. It also has a great community, which is perfect for you to stay in a few days.

  • St. John, USVI

    If St. Thomas’ perks are historical sites, St. John offers the best natural tourist sites in the USVI. It features both underwater and land attractions, which will make you appreciate the beauty of the Virgin Islands to the fullest.

    It is where you will find the Virgin Island National Park, the Underwater Snorkel Trail, the Trunk Bay Beach, and some other natural sites. Moreover, here you can find the Cruz Bay Harbour, where your yacht can stop over.

    This will give you every opportunity to enjoy a fantastic adventure near-natural ecosystems, whether you plan to do some water activities or land exploration.

Book a yacht charter to the BVI and USVI now

After knowing about the great stuff the Virgin Islands can offer, you should definitely book for a yacht charter to this wonderful destination.

Remember that the Virgin Islands is divided into three territories, which are the BVI, the USVI, and the Puerto Rican territory. All of these regions have a long list of magnificent islands.

If you want to enjoy the Virgin Islands to the fullest, a Virgin Island yacht charter is a perfect choice. Thing is, you need to make sure of hopping on a charter that would go to the islands of your choice, so you can get utmost satisfaction from your vacation.

For the best Caribbean adventure you can have aboard a yacht, the Virgin Islands shouldn’t be missing in your list. There are dozens of islands that you can explore, and you can easily expect to enjoy various experiences throughout your holiday.

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