Victoria – Sardinia with a family of 10.

“Dear Sarah, we just wanted to Thank you for our wonderful journey!!

Gullet Victoria, fullfilled all our expectations, she was beautiful and just what we wanted!
Captain Bruno, was excelent, he took us to beautiful and calm anchorages, he always made us feel that he was at our disposition, very responsable with The boat, and wonderful manners!
Pier Paulo, was just adorable, he was everywhere at all times, he read our mind because he bought us things we wanted without us asking for them, he was very nice and respectful at all times!
Antonietta is responsible for our gaining weight!! She made excelent food and wonderful pasta. She gave me some of her recipes. Very nice and quite, excelent attitude.

So Sarah, we recomend Gullet Victoria and her wonderful crew!”

VICTORIA 82 Feet. (Motor sail) VICTORIA Online brochure