The team went above and beyond on every detail …


I hope you will share with the owner of the boat in Greece that we had an amazing trip with Captain Barry, Maya, chef Alex, Denny and Paulina.  

The team went above and beyond on every detail to ensure that all 8 of us had everything we could want! Captain Barry expertly handled the boat and each sail as well as advised on all questions and outings. Denny ensured our group of various ages always we up to something fun- snorkeling excursions, wakeboarding, tubing, seabob and more while also taking photos of it all so we would have the memories! Maya is truly Wonder Woman and anticipates what everyone wants/needs so she is always one step ahead while keeping the boat impeccably clean and attending to every meal and cocktail request! With Paulina by her side, we found little need to want to leave the boat! And Chef Alex is truly AMAZING. Every meal out did the next and while everything contributes to the experience, all of us will never forget Chef Alex and the wonderful food that allowed special times for all 8 of us to come together and share meals and conversation!

Thank you for helping us to arrange this vacation and do know that any other charters will be lucky to get this team lead by Captain Barry!

Very best, 

Sailing yacht AFAET St Martin/St Barths Christmas New Year 2022/23