Spend the Holidays Chartering in the Caribbean Islands

abueloYearning for the perfect holiday getaway? Look no further as Nicholson Yacht Charters is offering the finest and most decadent chartering services worldwide, especially in the Caribbean Islands. Famous for its calm waters, pristine diving spots and pure shores, the Caribbean islands are some of the best destinations for chartering during the holidays. Just when you expect the holidays in the Caribbean to be all about just the sea breeze and sun, you’re absolutely missing out on something more. Holidays with our chartering services brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘vacation’.

Sail in the Caribbean with Nicholson Yacht Charters and experience your best holiday getaway. Start your day as you welcome the magnanimous Caribbean horizon with a hearty breakfast and freshly-brewed coffee served to you at your deck right before you flex your muscles in preparation for your morning swim. Let the adventurous charm of a private yacht charter keep you invigorated and relaxed throughout your entire trip. Chartering in the Caribbean gets better as you decide where to go or where to stay longer. Your itinerary is in your hands thus making your holiday, a spontaneous luxury experience in the Caribbean.Cool change kayaking

Whether you feel like diving, snorkelling, tanning at the yacht deck or visiting the most lavish harbours, all you have to do is to tell our crew your preference and it shall happen. Your Yacht Captain may let you know what his recommendations are for a thrilling getaway, but still, the choice is yours to make – making your holiday tailored to your heart’s desire. As a part of your Caribbean chartering, you may visit exotic villages that you’ve never visited before, or learn how to sail with the help of your Charter Captain’s capable hands. You will be surprised to find out what things you will discover anew just by letting us take care of your vacation.

Scrumptious and the most delectable gourmet meals will be served to you by our finest chefs on board. Indulge in the plush sea breeze in the yacht while having lunch or dinner. Let our crew take good care of you and make your holiday the best and the most memorable one. Our fully-crewed private charter yachts are completely safe and secured with its state-of-the-art technology and high standard maintenance.
Caribbean-Yacht-VacationYour vacation can be purely about relaxation or an adrenaline-rushing experience if you’re a thrill-seeker. However, nothing beats a combination of calming and exhilarating when chartering the Caribbean islands, and we’ve all got it covered for you. Feel free to explore places that you’ve never been with a special someone, with your friends or with your whole family. Our goal is for our clients to forget their worries away and embrace the beauty of nature that is perfectly depicted in the stretch of the Caribbean Sea. Our private yachts are equipped with all the gears you’ll need for almost any type of water sport or activity that you can think of. Should you have special requests to make the most out of your vacation, feel free to let us know beforehand and we will do our best to make the finest arrangements for you.

Everything is possible by chartering the Caribbean this holiday season with us at Nicholson Yacht Charters and Services.

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