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Gorgeous waters, wonderful culinary delights and beautifully friends people, South East Asia is a dream location.

If you are a diver a trip to South East Asia is a must. Top rated dive locations includes the Similian Marine National Park, the Andaman Sea off the west coast of Thailand, The Gulf of Thailand, Boracay in the Philippines or the Island of Komodo in Indonesia, just to mention a few of some of the best dive sites in the world.

Regardless if you choose to snorkel or go diving you will see soft corals and the entire oceanic ambit from whale sharks, sunfish, mantas and eagle rays to pygmy seahorses – South East Asia must not be forgotten.

Add to above the truly exotic flora and fauna ashore, exquisite cuisine, interesting cultures and history, South East Asia is possibly the most beautiful place on earth.

Top destinations for a luxury yacht charter in South East Asia

South East Asia was once known for budget backpacker travel, but in recent years there has emerged a far superior way to experience the exotic sights of the far east – by luxury yacht.

Southeast Asia boasts some of the world’s most amazing beaches, cuisine, landscapes and cultures in the world. On a luxury yacht tour, imagine cruising by steep limestone cliffs in Krabi, diving in Myanmar’s untouched Mergui archipelago and swimming with the dragons in Indonesia’s Komodo national park.

  • Indonesia

    Located around 3,000 miles from the equator, Indonesia is one of the most fabulous archipelagic countries in Southeast Asia. It easily lures tourists from all over the world with its fascinating wonders and attractions. There are over 18,000 islands to explore, scattered like jewels across the Pacific Ocean, each one a fascinating melting pot of ancient cultures.

    The dazzling blend of cultures results in various arts, cuisines, and people who all come together. The country also has a huge biodiversity of plants and animals. On a luxury yacht holiday, make sure to visit Jakarta, the largest city in Southeast Asia. From there it’s an easy cruise to Bali for world-class surfing and nightlife.

    For greater immersion into nature, the famed Komodo National park is made up of 26 islands where 10-foot dragons roam across pink sands, thickly forested hills and warm waters teeming with manta rays. Also take note of Weh Island in Sumatra, which famously welcomes yachts and superyachts at the entrance of the Malacca Strait.

  • Philippines

    Another cultural melting pot you should consider on your luxury yacht adventure is the visit is the Philippines archipelago. With over 7,000 islands, it is one of the best destinations for luxury yacht charters in South East Asia.

    In the Philippines, there are 3 well-known starting points: Boracay, Puerto Galera, and Subic Bay. Whichever you choose will open doors to an unforgettable sailing adventure.

  • Malaysia

    Malaysia is a fascinating blend of Chinese, Muslim, Indian and indigenous cultures that vividly reflects on the people, architecture and cuisines. The entire stretch of the Malaysian archipelago boasts of fantastic coasts for you to enjoy, plus rich natural resources and lush jungles teeming with monkeys, lizards and other creatures that roman the rainforests.

  • Thailand

    Phuket and Bangkok are just two of the best places where you can experience the best of the Land of Smiles. The entire country boasts of a rich culture and impressive infrastructure, boasting world-class hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions. Along the southern Thai islands, cruise some of the most amazing beach resorts in the world, where the rich and powerful enjoy the thrills of beach bum life with full anonymity.

    Thailand is an essential part of any Southeast Asia chartered yacht cruise. While the entire region has plenty of attractions, you simply cannot miss Thailand’s best yacht destinations: sail the Andaman Sea, pop over to Phuket for the luxury resorts, and then explore the amazing beaches around Krabi, Koh Lanta and the Phi Phi Islands.

Motor Yacht

Motor Yacht

Book a South East Asia yacht charter to experience the thrill of sailing the Andaman Sea on a luxury motor yacht. Enjoy first-class accommodation and excellent services, served by a professional crew with local knowledge to show you the sights and the wonders of South East Asia.



We offer a great selection of sailing yachts perfect for a trip around SE Asia. Our South East Asia yacht charters are also available for charters across the Philippines should you, your family, and friends want to go diving. Check our yachts available for South East Asia sailing adventures.



Our sailing catamarans are known for their ample interior and exterior space that you and your family can enjoy whilst on a sailing adventure around the Andaman Sea. Book a Luxury South East Asia crewed catamaran charter for an exciting and 6-star experience – let the crew handle everything.



Nothing says smooth sailing in South East Asia like a crewed power catamaran charter. Built with twin hulls to focus buoyancy around the outside of the boat, enjoy superior stability. With plenty of interior and exterior space, a Luxury South East Asia catamaran charter can be a family or group affair.

Book a luxury yacht charter to Southeast Asia today

These are just few of the best destinations for a luxury yacht charter South East Asia has to offer. Let the winds blow the sail to other destinations for a truly magnificent sailing adventure.

There’s plenty more to see and visit in Southeast Asia.

Private yacht charter in South East Asia

Climb aboard a luxury yacht and discover the top dive locations in South East Asia. Plan your ultimate yacht charter: whether you choose a motor yacht, sailing yacht, or catamaran, you will experience the best of South East Asia. Enjoy the calm waters, friendly locals and the wonderful Andaman Sea with on a Luxury Yacht.

Whatever you have planned, allow us to make your idea a reality. Fill in the form and a Nicholson Charters agent will get in touch with a proposal for the ultimate luxury yacht vacation that will blow your mind.

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