Yacht Services in Antigua

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We offer visiting yachts and their guests and crew a wide range of services

Designed with the yacht, captain and  the crew in mind our professional team will quickly resolve any issues that may arise during your stay on our island.

Yacht Services in Antigua and The Caribbean

  • Yacht Clearance inbound & outbound
  • Crew and Guest visa waivers in Antigua
  • Marina Dockage Reservations
  • Banking
  • Duty Free Fuel
  • Airport meet & greet
  • Flight reservations
  • Hotel & Villa accommodation
  • Car/transport hire
  • Fine wine procurement
  • Floral arrangements
  • Restaurant reservations
  • Provisioning
  • Local produce
  • Special event requests
  • Courrier & Deliveries
  • Island tours & Local information
  • Personal appointments (Spa, Hairdressers, Massages, etc.)
  • Cleaning & Maintenance services (Professional and day-workers)
  • Full office support services

Our Office at English Harbour Antigua


A well recommended yacht charter, yacht services and crew placement company in Antigua – well done Sarah and Afsaneh.

Posted by Superyacht Services Guide on Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Together with Seven Corners’ worldwide medical insurance Nicholson Yacht Charter & Services can help you find a long-term overseas medical insurance plan that covers you in your home country as well as keeping you covered worldwide.


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For any yacht charter or yachting enquiry please do not hesitate to contact us:

Nicholson Yacht Charter & Services
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Stanley's Tavern, English Harbour, Antigua & Barbuda, West Indies