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Destination North America

North Pacific Coast

From the American and Canadian waters of Gulf of Alaska, the West coast of the United States all the way down to Bahia and Mexico the diversity of cruising areas are endless. Nature, quiet villages, vibrant international cities, cold and warm climates, cultures and spectacular marine life these area caters for all personalities.

New Brunswick, Quebec and Nova Scotia

Cruise Prince Edward island or embark your yacht in Quebec following St Lawrence river pass Montreal to the Great Lakes is surely a cruise to remember. Rich in culture, history, shopping and interesting places.

Explore the fabulous marine life of Bay of Fundy and enjoy the Nova Scotian culinary delights.

New England

One of the earliest settlements in North America was pilgrims from England and Scotland who came to New England and Nova Scotia in the 17th century. This area rich in history of wars is today a holiday maker’s delight. From the jagged coast of the Acadian coastline , picturesque towns like Camden and Newport, the charming ports of Bar Harbour, Nantucket and Martha’s Winyard to vibrant international cities like Boston and New York, it caters for most. If you enjoy lobster and other seafood this area is a must!

Savanna to New York

Cruise from New York south around Delaware into Chesapeake Bay and enjoy the splendid cities of Washington, Annapolis, Camden and Baltimore from the seaside. Or make the coast of North and South Carolina your destination before you disembark in Savanna, Georgia.

Florida and The Bahamas


Covering almost 1,350 miles, Florida has the longest coastline in the United States and with it’s tropical climate it is known as the “Sunshine State“.

Home to Walt Disney World, is also one of the most popular vacation destinations in the United States. Despite the fact that park have some wonderful parks for all the whole family, it would be a shame to only visit the area for Mickey Mouse and his friends alone. Visit one of Ft Lauderdale‘s many quality marinas, go diving in Flordia Keys, sailing in Key Largo during one of the regattas or simply enjoy the scenery from ashore or your chartered vessel enjoying a sumptuous Key Lime Pie.

The Kennedy Space Center might be another of your favourite memories after your luxurious yacht charter cruise.

The Bahamas

The Bahamas consists of series of more than 700 islands in the north Caribbean Sea, South-East of Florida. The tropical to sub-tropical climate makes The Bahamas an excellent coice for your yacht charter vacation.

Mexico Yacht Charters

Bordering to the United States in the north, Mexico is another excellent area for your yacht charter vacation.
Many cultures have influenced what we now know as modern Mexico and there is a wealth of things to see and do while in this country. Having the Caribbean basin to the East, the Yukatan peninsula with it’s Mayan heritage combined with the Pacific coastline and spectacular surfing, diving and snorkelling makes Mexico an excellent choice for your luxury yachting destination.


Also, see other yacht charter destinations in Central America.

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