Nevis ~ Land of Beautiful Waters 🇰🇳 ⛰ 🌅

Nevis ~ Oualie, Dulcina, Nuestra Señora de las Nieves…

Some say a dear child have many names and the beautiful island Nevis is no exception.

Land of Beautiful Waters ~ Sweet Island
Our Lady of the Snows ~ Queen of the Caribees

The 985 meter high iconic Nevis peak, often clad in clouds, is towering the surrounding fields, villages, beaches, resorts and golf courts of this green island. The water and coastlines are rich with wildlife and a delight for water sports.

Settled for over 2 millennia and a diverse past, Nevis’s history is a mosaic of cultures. From the Arawaks and Kalinago to the Spanish, Dutch and English. The island was sighted by Columbus in 1493.

Make sure to include this special island in your Leeward Island cruising itinerary. A perfect distance for a day’s sail from Antigua / Barbuda as well as from St Barths and St Maarten.

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