MYBA Chefs Competition, created and organised by Sarah Sebastian

Nicholson Yacht Charter’s Sarah Sebastian created and organise this prestigious competition in it’s current form for MYBA the worldwide charter broker association, as it evolved from previous years’ events. It was proven to be an invaluable marketing tool for the yacht to have their culinary, presentation and service efforts being proven by an independent panel.

The 2024 MYBA Superyacht Chefs’ Competition was held during the 34th MYBA Charter Show in Marina Molo Vecchio – Genoa in April.

To honour the return of the MYBA Charter Show to Italy the theme for the 2024 was:

An Italian Fusion Dinner Party


The chefs on these luxurious superyachts where asked to prepare an evening dinner party for their charter guests FUSING Italian cuisine with the cuisine of another country of their choice.

The judges for 2024 where:

Romain Fornell, Michelin-star chef and founder of Goût Rouge, Barcelona
Oscar Manresa, chef, restaurateur and author of Mi Boqueria
Mike Jennings, Michelin-trained chef and founder of Hospitality Hut, UK
Antonio Mellino, owner of the 3 Michelin Star restaurant Quattro Passi, Amalfi Coast.

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