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From Herceg-Novi in the north to Ulcinj in the south, Montenegro offers many beautiful coastal destinations. Cruise the majestic Boka Kotorska / Bay of Kotor, where the Adriatic penetrates deep into the mountains in the largest fjord in south of Europe. Climb the wall above the city old city of Kotor and see Budva, one of the oldest settlements in the Balkans with it’s vibrant nightlife.

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Bay of Kotor

Boka Kotorska in local tongue, or simply known as Boka, is a winding bay of the Adriatic Sea in southwestern Montenegro. Also known as Europe’s southernmost fjord, it is a coastal inlet formed by the partial drowned river valley of the Bokelj River which used to run from the high mountain plateaus.

The bay cuts through the Dinaric Alps between the Orjen and Lovćen massifs, is approximately 28 km long from the open sea to the harbour and city of Kotor and has a shoreline of over 100 km.

There are two islets predominantly placed by the entrance of the bay.

According to legend, the islet “Our lady of the Rocks” was made over the centuries by local seamen who kept an oath after finding an icon of Madonna and Child on a submerged rock in 1452. It became a custom to upon returning from each successful voyage, they laid a rock in the close by the said rock. Over time, the islet gradually emerged from the sea. The custom of throwing rocks into the sea is alive even today. Every year on the sunset of July 22, the “Fašinada” take place, local take their boats and throw rocks into the sea close to the Our lady of the Rocks“. Today the Roman Catholic Church of Our Lady of the Rocks “Chiesa della Madonna dello Scarpello” is the largest building on the islet and has a museum attached and a small gift shop next door.

For more information about the Bay of Kotor go:
National Tourism organisation of Montenegro – Kotor


Budva is one of the oldest settlements on the Adriatic coast. Well preserved medieval walled old city with ample of restaurants and bars within the fortified city walls.

The history of this city is fascinating – Legend recounts that Budva was founded by Cadmus the founder of Thebes, Greece, when exiled out of Thebes, finding a shelter for him and his wife, Harmonia. From Greek colonisation of the Adriatic in 4th century BC, part of the Roman Empire in the 2nd century BC and later part of the Byzantine Empire then populated by Slavs, Avars before being reigned by a succession of Doclean kings, as well as Serbian and Zetan aristocrats before the Venetians ruled the town for nearly 400 years. With the fall of Republic of Venice in 1797, Budva came under the rule of the Habsburg Monarchy before Montenegrin forces allied with Russia took control over the city in 1806, only to relinquish the city to France in 1807. French rule lasted until 1813, when Budva was ceded to the Austrian Empire, which remained in control of the city for the next 100 years. Another local union took place for a brief period, but from 1814 until the end of World War I Budva remained under Austria-Hungary. After World War I, Serbian army entered Budva abandoned by Austrian forces and it came under the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. In 1941, with the beginning of World War II, Budva was annexed by the Kingdom of Italy. Budva was finally liberated and incorporated in Montenegro and part of Yugoslavia.

Montenegro became an independent country in 2006, with Budva being a primary tourist destination.

Today Budva is a hotspot on the Adriatic riviera – a true melting pot with its history culture and a vivid nightlife.

For more information of Budva go:
National Tourism organisation of Montenegro – Budva


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