Maine cruising ~ Casco Bay ⚓️ 🛥 🧭

Let us start this Maine summer yachting adventure in Casco Bay, also known as the Calendar Islands (a popular myth that there are as many islands as there are days in the year).

From Cape Elisabeth set your compass to the north-east and explore the dramatic coastal scenery with sounds, inlets, islands and islets to the coves of Cape Small.

The area is rich in fishing vessels and lobster boats so lobsters, crabs, mussels, clams, striped bass, mackerel and bluefish are in ample supply. Six lighthouses within Casco Bay assures safe passage to any seafarer; Cape Elizabeth Lights, Portland Head Light, Ram Island Ledge Light, Spring Point Ledge Light, Portland Breakwater “Bug” Light & Halfway Rock Light.

Make sure to walk the Giant’s Stairs trail to enjoy some gorgeous coastal views with seagulls, cormorants, ducks and if you are lucky you may spot a seal, an osprey, eagle or even some herons.

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