The Indian Ocean is the third largest in the world and its volume is almost 20% of the total water on the surface of the earth. Many island nations are within its huge waters, including the world’s fourth largest island, Madagascar. Others include The Seychelles and The Maldives. The Indian Ocean is also the warmest ocean in the world.

luxury yacht charter in the Indian OceanThe crystal clear waters and the nice location ensure that thousands of tourists will visit this little bit of paradise every year for vacations with many of them choosing to spend their time on a luxury yacht charter in the Indian Ocean. The warmth of the Indian Ocean means that plankton production is low and therefore sea-life in its depths is limited. Fishing is not something which is done because of this, although deep sea fishing is very much enjoyed in Mauritius, which is also famous for water sports, including kayaking, snorkelling and scuba diving.

Indian Coastline

Goa Goa is a fabulous place to visit when you are on an Indian Ocean Yacht Charter vacation. While you are there, make sure not to miss out on seeing some of the beachside markets where you will easily pick up a bargain. Also make sure to take a look at some of the Kashmiri handicrafts, silk, jewelry and beautifully hand-carved wooden ornaments and artefacts.

Seychelles Yacht Charters

Not to be missed on a visit to the Indian Ocean are The Seychelles, many of which are coral islands and therefore a beautiful destination for a yacht charter vacation. The climate is somewhat humid as the islands are relatively small but it enjoys little temperature changes throughout the year which makes it a super vacation destination, and one which is particularly enjoyed when on a luxury Seychelles yacht charter.

The beaches in The Seychelles are some of the finest in the world and not to be missed. Who could resist a romantic picnic on one of these pristine stretches of sand? A glass of wine in hand as you watch the sun setting; nothing could be a better way to escape from the stresses and strains of normal everyday life. The Seychelles truly are one of the finest places on earth to take a yacht charter, and at a reasonable price as well.

While there you can enjoy casinos, fine fishing facilities, walks in the stunning countryside, often accompanied by tour guides and diving, golf and restaurants. There really is something for everyone in this magical part of the world.

Maldives Yacht Charter

The Maldives, (or Maldive Islands,) are an island nation in The Indian Ocean, about 430 miles South-West of Sri Lanka and 250 miles South-West of India. They are probably most noted for the vast number of beautifully-colored coral reefs whose population varies from small plankton and up to whale sharks, so you can be sure of some scenic sights when you are on a yacht charter vacation in The Maldives.

A yacht charter to The Maldives is most likely on most people’s ‘bucket list’ and is truly a special destination for that special vacation.

For more information of the Maldives go:
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