High time to take advantage of the Dollar v.s. the Euro

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The spacious Gulet Don Chris
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The the euro has over the last year weakened a great deal against a broad spread of currencies so now is the time for you to book your European holiday.

The financial districts are speculating in how the futures exchange rates will look like but why not take advantage of the current lower euro rate and ensure that you have got excellent value for money when you booked your charter yacht for the season.

If you have not travelled these waters there are ample of opportunity to cross off that bucket list.

Can we entice you with a proper Salad Caprese made with a perfectly soft Buffalo mozzarella, succulent Roma tomatoes with a touch of Fresh basil either enjoyed whilst cruising the picturesque and rugged Italian coast line or stepping ashore; explore the beautiful coves of Corsica and Sardinia on a luxury sailing yacht; visit Greece and Turkey with all their fascinating history and glory; savour the delight of the not unchartered but more quiet waters of the Adriatic or let yourself be absorbed by the music of the Balearics whilst lounging on your privately chartered motor yacht.

All of the above whilst being pampered in luxury accommodations by an attentive and professional crew.

Contact us today to make sure you make the most of the value to the euro!

We have a wide selection of yacht available in all Mediterranean Charter destinations.

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