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Adventurous travelers who love the ocean may enjoy traveling by yacht to Guadeloupe. Located in the Leeward Islands of the Caribbean, Guadeloupe is known for its distinctive butterfly shape. If you are seeking a Guadeloupe yacht charter, you should contact Nicholson Charter, a provider of charter yachts since 1949.

When considering a dream yacht charter Guadeloupe is an ideal Caribbean destination. The island is an overseas region of France and maintains a strong Francophone heritage. Like other Caribbean islands, Guadeloupe enjoys year-round warmth, with temperatures ranging between 72 to 82 degrees F. You can escape the winter cold and travel to a lush tropical setting by embarking on a Guadeloupe yacht charter.

The islands beaches are a popular stop. In some locales, including Grande-Terre Riviera, the sand is soft and powder-white and the surf is calm and gentle. The calm ocean waters encircling the island allow visitors to enjoy relaxing swims. Relaxing on a beautiful beach with soothing waves is a perfect way to top off your Guadeloupe yacht charter.

Without question, for those who desire a dream yacht charter Guadeloupe, in the Leeward Islands is a great place to visit. Water sports on the island are exceptional. Beginning scuba divers can learn new skills in the island’s calm waters, while advanced divers will want to take in Guadeloupe’s esteemed national park, La Reserve Cousteau. To protect the natural beauty and diverse ocean life, no fishing is allowed within the park. However, deep sea fishing is available along many coastlines. Opportunities for wind surfing, jet skiing, and snorkeling abound.

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Anyone who wants to experience mouth-watering Cajun dishes will enjoy dining in Guadeloupe. The island’s native cuisine often features crayfish and land crab, along with tropical fruits, such as coconut and breadfruit. Rum and French wine are popular accompaniments to dining adventures in Guadeloupe.

Whether you choose a sailing yacht, motor yacht, or a catamaran, you will find many delights awaiting you when you land in Guadeloupe. The island has a casual French atmosphere with a  twist. In addition to its popular beaches and watersports, Guadeloupe offers legal gambling and has several casinos, which are open from 9:00 PM to 3:00 AM. Patrons can enjoy familiar games, such as blackjack, slot machines, and roulette.

History buffs who take a yacht charter to Guadeloupe can enjoy fascinating landmarks. The island has sugar and rum factories, along with monuments and colonial buildings. For outdoor enthusiast, the island boasts breathtaking natural habitats. Without question, there is something for everyone in Guadeloupe.

For individuals desiring a premium yacht charter Guadeloupe is an excellent travel choice By selecting Nicholson Charter, you can rest assured you are getting the best expertise and service. The company has over sixty years in the yacht chartering business. Nicholson Charter can provide you with all you need to enjoy a yacht trip to Guadeloupe, including charter yachts with gear for many activities, crews, sumptuous cuisine prepared by a gourmet chef on board, and insurance to put your mind at ease during travel.

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