Food Allergies & Yacht Charter

  • Should we charter a sailing yacht or motor yacht?
  • How long should we charter for?
  • Can the whole family go?
  • When is it best to charter in the Caribbean, Asia, Europe … ?
  • My wife / husband / child / friend is allergic to seafood / gluten / peanuts… will the yacht be able to cater for this?
  • Maybe someone will get seasick what happens then?
  • We have a restricted budget, will we still be able to charter a yacht?
  • With Covid on our minds how does it work with testing and sanitation?

You might have questions similar to this and / or others, or many more. If you have not chartered before you might feel you want someone to show you the way. Not to worry, the team at Nicholson Charters & Services has many years of experience and will take you through the whole process and do their outmost to find a yacht and destination that fits your preferences and budget.

Contact us today for your yachting enquiry or pop over to our yachts pages to find some additional information.