English Harbour ~ Antigua 🇦🇬 🐬 ⚓️ 😎

English Harbour, Antigua – a natural harbour protected from the elements and used as a hurricane hole for hundreds of years.

The harbour became a primary position as a naval base once the islands of Antigua & Barbuda became colonies of the British crown in 1632. The construction of a modern naval dockyard began in the 1740s and included storehouses, officers’ quarters, commander-in-chief’s quarter, kitchens, shelters etc. as well s as stone wall to enclose the dockyard. Today the naval dockyard is protected as a national park and is listed by UNESCO World Heritage Sites for ‘Outstanding Universal value’ and made to use by customs office, shops, hotels, restaurants etc.

The English Harbour area as a whole also include Falmouth Harbour and has through the years become one of the most important luxury yacht charter destinations of the Caribbean as well as world-wide.

The Nicholson Yacht Charters & Services’ office is located in the hearth of English Harbour, a quick walk from Nelson’s Dockyard. Pop in to meet our professional and experienced team or call us today for any Antigua and/or Caribbean yacht charter enquiry.

Antigua & Barbuda – yacht charter destination.