Corsica & Sardina

Corsica and Sardinia, these two French and Italian islands have been cherished by thousand and served as a yacht charter destination for decades. The islands are well adapted for the yachting industry and have not lost their charm, they are truly waters to be cruised.


With a dramatic and gorgeous coast line Corsica is the perfect yachting destination in every part. From St Florent and Calvi in the north to Bonifacio and Porto Veccio in the South. With natural parks covering two thirds of the island, Corsica’s nature is largely very well preserved.

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Visit Corsica



Calvi known as “The City of Columbus” is located on the north-west coast of the island and is a perfect start of your holiday cruise. Walk this small picturesque city on the peaceful pedestrian streets and the medieval citadel or enjoy one of the cafees or restaurants with a view of the port and marina. The area is prone to onshore winds has a mild climate and golden beaches.

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Visit Corsica
Calvi Tourisme


Bay of Girolata and Bay of Porto

The National Reserve of Scandola Reserve is situated on the central western coast of Corsica between Punta Muchillina and Punta Nera and includes Cape Girolata and Cape Porto. The astonishing coastline is studded with offshore islets and sea pillars rising out of translucent waters and has been listed buy UNESCO for its beauty and heritage.

For ore info ration of Girolata and Porto go:
UNESCO – Gulf of Porto: Calanche of Piana, Gulf of Girolata, Scandola Reserve
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Ajaccio is the Capital of Corsica and the birthplace of Napoleon. Maison Bonaparte is open to public so make sure visit it on your Ajaccio city walk. The open vegetable and fish market is also worth a visit to indulge in that Corsican flair. Otherwise Ajaccio is a center for anyone liking the outdoors. Hiking, trekking, horse riding and any type of water sport are just a few activities you can do in this area. The city has one of the island’s major airport so Ajaccio is a good place on embark or disembark your chartered yacht.

For more information of Ajaccio go:
Ajaccio Tourisme
Musee Maison Bonaparte



bonifacioApproaching Bonifacio by sea you will see the city and the citadel high on top of the cliffs with no visible access from the sea. A narrow and hidden entrance opens up to a deep natural harbour and is today the home of the picturesque and vibrant Port of Bonifacio.

With a history dating back some 8500 years, walking through the streets of Bonifacio’s old town will take you back in time. It is fully encircled by the citadel walls and you can access it by foot via the Montee Rastello and the Montee St-Roch steps from the port or via a main road.

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Bonifacio Tourist Office


Porto Vecchio

Situated on the south-east corner of Corsica, Porto Vecchio is naturally a well protected harbour and port. It is the third largest city in Corsica with a tradition of exploitation of salt, wood and cork. Today it is an excellent yacht destination with it’s beautiful coastline and sandy beaches.

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Porto Vecchio Tourist office

Strait of Bonifacio

Dividing the Tyrrhenian Sea and The Western Mediterranean Sea the Strait of Bonifacio is the waterway in-between the islands of Corsica and Sardinia. On the north side of the passage you have the islands of Cavallo and Lavezzi belonging to France and on the south side lies the Italian Archipelago of La Maddalena.

The spectacular coast line is a protected nature reserve, the largest in France – Réserve Naturelle des Bouches de Bonifacio.

For more information of Strait of Bonifacio go:
Réserve Naturelle de France – Bouches de Bonifaci
Réserve Naturelle des Bouches de Bonifacio


Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, with an area of near 24 thousand square kilometres. The coast line with it’s emerald characteristic coves and beaches is a superb yacht charter destination.

For more general information of Sardinia go: 
Discover Italy – Sardinia


Maddalena Archipelago

Maddalena Archipelago consists of seven main islands and numerous islets and coves. The islands have been inhabited since prehistoric times and was a busy shipping area with strategic value. Today we visit it for it’s beautiful coast line. Crystal clear waters and wind blown granite coastlines is a haven for wildlife. It is a designated National Park, the Parco Nazionale Arcipelago di La Maddalena.

For more information of La Maddalena go:
Parks of Italy – Parco Nazionale dell’Arcipelago di La Maddalena 


Costa Smeralda

South of the Maddalena archipelago you will find Costa Smerlada. This beautiful area is a must for celebrities, business leaders and other affluent visitors. The bay of Cala di VolpePorto CervoPorto Rotondo and Porto Portisco are without doubt top destinations for your luxury yacht charter. Excellent cruising for sailing and motor yachts alike, fashion shopping and culinary delights all served with a gold tinted pizazz in a relaxed atmosphere.

South-east of Olbia you will find the Island of Tavolara and the Area Marina Protetta Tavolara Punta Coda Cavallo. Important natural values, enriched by a spectacular landscape make this area of international importance for conservation.

For more information of Costa Smeralda go:
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Area Marina Protetta Tavolara Punta Coda Cavallo
Parks Italy – Area Marina Protetta Tavolara Punta Coda Cavallo


Gulf of Cagliari

The City of Cagliari is the capital of the island of Sardinia and is located in the very south of Sardinia. It is an ancient city with a history of several civilizations. The fortified quarter of the Castello that overlooks the city and its monuments; the Medieval Rampart of Saint Remy, the Elephant and Saint Pancras Towers, and Saint Mary’s Cathedral all deserves a visit together with the beautiful Palazzo Regio with it’s piazza.

On the South-Eastern end of the bay of Cagliari, just off the Capo Carbonara you will find the protected marine area of Area Marina Protetta di Capo Carbonara. A diverse coastline formed by the natural forces of wind and waves and crystal clear waters makes this a heaven for divers.

For more information of the Bay of Cagliari go:
Discover Italia – Cagliari
Area Marina Protetta di Capo Carbonara
Parks Italy – Area Marina Protetta di Capo Carbonara

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