Antigua Charter Yacht Show just around the corner

antigua700x200Nicholson Yacht Charter & Services are gearing up for the coming Antigua Charter Yacht Show.

The show has been showcasing the world finest charter yachts for half a century. The Nicholson family first established this event to attract vessels and visitors to a not so well known corner of Antigua and to boost their yacht charter business.

Originally called the Travel Agents Weekend the event was to be an opportunity for the vessels to be seen and inspected and to take place before the winter cruising season. The historic Powder Magazine in Nelson’s Dockyard where to be the heart of the show with an hospitality desk where V.E.B. Nicholson & Sons organised for agents to see the yachts, meet their crews and even go for a sail so as to better recommend this new idea of yacht chartering to their clients.

Although the event’s name has evolved from being Agents Weekend to being the Nicholson Charter Yacht Show and to today’s Antigua Charter Yacht Show, the Show’s concept has not been altered and is as it was in the beginning and greatly valued by yacht charter agents worldwide.

The show takes place in English Harbour, Antigua between the 4 – 10 December this year.

Find more information of the event as such on the Antigua Charter Yacht Show’s web-site –
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