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Luxury Yacht Charter in Antigua & Barbuda

beatiful landscape of antigua and barbudaAah! Antigua and Barbuda, they just sound exotic and the ideal locations to start a luxury yacht charter don’t they? With more anchorages than any other Caribbean island, and an amazing 365 beaches, (yes, one for every day of the year!) it’s not surprising that Antigua is one of the foremost Caribbean destinations for the world’s best and most exclusive charter yachts.

When you charter a luxury yacht for a vacation starting in Antigua and Barbuda, the beach is just the beginning, the Sister islands are very diverse and offer a large variety of activities. Antigua has a large international airport, the bustling capital city of St John’s has attractive water front shopping, a great museum and a beautiful cathedral.

Copper & LumberThe island has many large beautiful bays ringed by white sand beaches and great dive sites. English Harbour is a must for at least one night, the home of Admiral Nelson in 1784 and the only working Edwardian Dockyard still in existence and now listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. This small attractive town is full of restaurants, bars, internet cafes and has great night life, plus large marinas full of luxury charter yachts which make it their home for the  winter season and beaches within walking distance or a short dinghy ride away.

While you are enjoying your Antigua yacht charter vacation sailing or motoring around the coast there are many off lying islands and it’s easy to find an idyllic bay all to yourself even in the height of the season.

travel to antigua and barbuda by yacht charterAlternatively pull into Nonsuch Bay and Harmony Hall with restaurants, art galleries and cocktail bars. Whether you feel the need to relax, or maybe take part in something of a more sporting genre, the Green Island area offers plenty of opportunities for water skiing, wake boarding, kite surfing, paddle boarding and more in flat protected waters ideal for these sports.

If diving is your thing, Antigua and Barbuda is home to hundreds of great dive sites, including shipwrecks, so why not take the chance to do something completely different and arrange to have a dive club pick you up from your Charter Yacht and experience these underwater sights.

coast of antiguaYou can also take a scuba diving resort course and become a certified diver right from your Charter Yacht. It truly is a different way to enjoy your Antigua yacht charter vacation.

There are many other things you can enjoy from your yacht charter in Antigua, and sailing over to the sister island of Barbuda should not be missed. Just two to three hours sail from Antigua this low coral island offers powdery white sand beaches and drifts of pink shells. With only 1,500 inhabitants, mainly fishermen, Barbuda will give you that Dessert Island location you are looking for and has the tastiest lobster plucked straight from the sea. 

magnificent birdBarbuda is home to one of the world’s largest Frigate Bird Sanctuaries and is a protected area, visited by anchoring the yacht somewhere along the 15 miles of pristine white sand beach with no habitation in site, guests then walk across the sand dune and board a small local boat with guide who will take you around to see the nesting sites with marvelous views of these large majestic birds in flight,
preening and nests full of baby birds. It’s an excursion you won’t soon forget.

If sailing regattas interest you, Antigua is home to the RORC 600 each February, Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta and Antigua Sailing Week, both of which take place in April.

beaches of barbudaIts easy to spend a full week cruising around Antigua and Barbuda with so many different anchorages and diverse landscapes, however from Antigua and Barbuda it is an easy day sail to Guadeloupe and on to Dominica going south or going north, NevisSt Kitts and the French Island of St Barths, one of the most chic of the French speaking islands in the Caribbean chain, to continue your vacation in the Leeward Islands and the Windward Islands.

Antigua yacht charterFor more information of Antigua & Barbuda go:
Antigua & Barbuda – Ministry of Tourism 
Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority
Antigua Race Week / Antigua Sailing week


Top Antigua Anchorages and Their Features

What’s the best way to explore the many islands of Antigua and Barbuda? – Via an exciting Antigua yacht charter, of course. 

Not only will you see gorgeous beaches (365 ! one for every day of the year) and natural wonders — Antigua also has beautiful anchorages.

Book the private excursion you’ve been dreaming of — hop from one island and enjoy attractions on and off the shores.

  • Green Island

    Located on the east coast of Antigua, the Green Island is hard to beat when it comes to beauty. It’s a must visit for every Antigua and Barbuda yacht charter.

    From the English Harbour, it is just 8 miles to windward, but getting there can be a bit hard when the trade winds are blowing.

    The mainland is exclusive to the members of the Mill Reef Club, but the north and northwest side is open to the public and for yachtmen’s use. Nevertheless, the solitude you can experience on the white beaches will make the trip worth it.

    On top of that, you can access Harmony Hall, an art gallery/craft shop and restaurant complex, through the dinghy dock on the west.

  • Five Islands

    Do you want to escape the crowd? Drop anchor at the Five Islands.
    You will find five beaches to explore.

    At the entrance of the bay, there are two anchorages that can accommodate larger yachts. They can be uncomfortable anchorages, however, they can be manageable during an occasional groundswell. Now, there’s a nice anchorage at the Maiden Island.

    At the head of the bay, you can get a tan on the secluded beach. You can soak in the shallow waters, which is 6 feet to be exact.

    The coast along the Five Island Harbour is a superstar with its many coves, beaches with turquoise waters, and fancy resorts. Enjoy them all once you book an Antigua yacht charter.

  • Jumby Bay

    The only anchorage in this 300-acre private island, the Jumby Bay features a sandy bottom that shoals towards the shore. 100 feet from the shore, boats drawing eight feet can drop anchors.

    The island has a luxury hotel, Jumby Bay Island. It is also home to members of the Jumby Bay Club, including Baron Sainsbury of Turville David Sainsbury and merchant banker Sir Roland Franklin.

    Arrange private sea excursions and lounge under the Caribbean sun. Snorkel, dive, and explore the treasures the small island has to offer.

  • Falmouth Harbour

    Located on the southern coast and west of the English Harbour, this natural, horseshoe-shaped bay is the largest in Antigua.

    Anchoring is possible anywhere, except for the channels and the exclusion area of the marinas and the Antigua Yacht Club.

    When entering the harbour, watch out for the Bishop Shoal, east of the entrance. Marked by a large, red buoy, it is almost always easy to spot except when the water is at its calmest and waves break over it.

    Keep in mind that the colours of the buoy follow the American system, where the green buoys are to port and the red ones are to starboard on entry.

  • English Harbour

    Only a walking distance from the Falmouth Harbour, the English Harbour is a beautiful spread with a rich historical background.

    It’s name originates from the British Royal Navy’s base of operations during the 18th century.

    Nelson’s Dockyard, it’s best-known spot, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. At the site, you will find restored historical buildings. You will also get to know other historical facts that date back to the dockyard’s colonial period.

    Meanwhile, did you know that docking regulations mandate that boats either come stern to the quay or off the channel?

    Yachts are required to anchor at Freeman’s Harbour and raise the Q flag. Only the captain can go ashore to clear a yacht charter.

Motor Yacht

Motor Yacht

Book an Antigua yacht charter to experience the thrill of sailing the Carribean on a luxury motor yacht. Enjoy first-class accommodation and excellent services, served by a professional crew with local knowledge to show you the sights and the beauty of Antigua, Barbuda and the Leeward Islands.



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Ready to set sail?

Make the most out of your Antigua yacht charter with a full list of ports and anchorages. Decide beforehand where to drop anchor so you can create the best itinerary possible and experience what each area has to offer.

Knowing where to go will lead you to fantastic destinations.

When visiting this paradise for sailors, hire Antigua and Barbuda yacht charter with a local crew who can show you other destinations less explored. Your sailing adventure will be much more enjoyable and memorable.

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Climb aboard a luxury yacht and discover Antigua and Barbuda in the Caribbeans. Plan your ultimate yacht charter: whether you choose a motor yacht, sailing yacht, or catamaran, you will experience the best of Antigua and Barbuda. Enjoy the beautiful coasts, and the amazing 365 beaches the destination offers.

Whatever you have planned, allow us to make your idea a reality. Fill in the form and a Nicholson Charters agent will get in touch with a proposal for the ultimate luxury yacht vacation that will blow your mind.

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